You can get our latest Release v0.3.3-2 by clicking the download link below. Since v0.2.4 the included executables are upx-compressed by default.

Filename Size sha1 24.4MB 67290eb275d8b22b2fb9aa0b3950afa046fe7129

* Size zipped / unzipped

Just download the zip-File and unzip it onto your usb-pendrive. Then simply change into the folder gpg4usb at your usb-drive, and execute the binary in there:
start_linux or start_windows.exe - should be easy to determine, which one's yours ;) Have a lot of fun!

Since gpg4usb is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), you can use it on as many machines as you want. Copy it, modify and redistribute it, give gpg4usb to as many people as possible!

gpg4usb is tested a lot already on many different machines, but we can give no warranty, that it works on your computer. Under some very rare circumstances, your keyring on the usb-pendrive can be damaged - please keep a copy of it on a save place. We're working on a solution for that. If you have any problems or find bugs in this software, please let us know.


Old Versions

Filename Size* sha1 24.3MB / 29.7MB 5f78d5bf4577c3a7cd93770c4e194732b7f0e1da 16.8MB / 23MB e2e0b9d51c0f194160eac324d6001ed7cdc11a0a 14.8MB / 18.6MB efeeaeff2883ded6abfe6378113c219e5e897bb0 13.3MB / 15.7MB 192d58d34958aaa6fa496bab8134d3883e4d4ce6 13.3MB / 14.8MB fa753fde22ff0fdb8ae7161e318079799e98ca06 10.2MB / 11.4MB a1bf48b9303cf92296907b9510727fa324c8b79e 12.0MB / 13.1MB 3655b3231ea15a21ae1037d22f0dd6151f46d7a0 12.9MB / 14.1MB 353e305ae5fba0decf467118062a0760f1c9692a 11.4MB / 26.6MB 535bae38529f195f33d5d4b4ac21048660fc9e72 10.0MB / 11.8MB 7459766215fadf943b20cba5dd2da917e627f18a 10.9MB / 26.5MB c6bb56186ee2206fb7247df20a3a6e502563225c 9.6MB / 9.9MB 28f5de34b112b26c6cbd7612edc0d47084d50bdf 10.9MB / 26.4MB 66e9addaf0ab24621c47e8ecbdc28393477acc34 9.5MB / 9.8MB 9a75eac545499d2a5e0156bc9a6e82fee277af13 11MB / 27MB 1011b9fe843a17a18c3c9deba5e2e3c882f64e8d 9,6MB / 9.9MB 69fb8a9a8840b8a786aa325340ee8fd46f350241 11MB / 26MB e29b48bdddeb63cd4bbc52b3a399c682841ac9a7 9,4MB / 9.7MB 988166eb3fcbf362b6d834ee3a36248d0b130628

The sources are hosted at github:


Preview gpg4usb 2.5


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